What is the Auto Auction?

Reliable and transparent used car transactions.
Hyundai Glovis Auto Auction is a new concept used car transaction system that provides nonstop service from
auction to after-sales service, including transfer of vehicle ownership, and has 1,400 membership companies
participating in open auctions and competing for bids.
  • What is a used car auction?

    A used car auction is a sales system whereby used car owners submit their cars, the auction center conducts performance inspections and takes follow up measures, and members participate in auctions to win bids on the auction day. This is a common transaction method for used-cars in developed countries like the U.S. and Japan.

    Used car distribution share of auction
    houses in developed countries

  • Auto Auction Advantages

    Hyundai Glovis Auto Auction plays a leading role in the development of used car sales by providing nonstop services from sales agency to ownership transfer. More than a quarter of used car transactions are made via auction in developed countries such as the US and Japan, and the ratio of auction transactions is increasing in Korea as well.
    Hyundai Glovis Auto Auction is creating a new used car sales culture by providing a wide range of vehicles and securing convenience and credibility with accurate performance inspections and a fair and transparent high-tech auction system.

    1. 1. Competitive Prices
      You can sell a vehicle for a high price through open auctions with 1,400 membership companies.
    2. 2. Reliability
      Hyundai Glovis Auto Auction affiliated
      with Hyundai Motor Group manages
      the whole distribution process and
      guarantees safe transactions.
    3. 3. Fairness
      Auction processes and results
      are updated online in real-time,
      for fair and transparent transactions.
    4. 4. Convenience
      We provide convenient one-stop
      service encompassing vehicle
      assessment, sales agency, and transfer
      of vehicle ownership.